National HIDTA Assistance Center

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program




The Finance Unit's mission is to provide guidance to ensure financial integrity to all HIDTA State and Local operations. To improve the knowledge and skills of financial transactions affecting state and local operations.

The Center's financial support to HIDTAs takes several forms. These include, but are not limited to the following activities:

Financial and Administrative Guidelines

The Finance Unit assists all HIDTAs in meeting ONDCP standards through their development and dissemination of procedural information as well as through their work with individual initiatives and task forces. This assures that your funded state and local projects are operating with appropriate financial controls, and it provides a common language for the identification and resolution of financials issues affecting your operations.

Budget Preparation

The Center's Finance Unit provides "hands-on" assistance to all HIDTA state and local initiatives in the preparation of their original budget requests. This assures timely and accurate budget submissions and supports the HIDTAs' mission by allowing initiative managers and HIDTA Directors to concentrate on the strategic value of funding requests, rather than on the mechanics of the budget process.

To request financial assistance, contact Maximiliano Rojas, the Finance Unit Manager, at 305-715-7600 ext 7749.

Funding Awards

As quickly as funds are made available, the Center's Finance Unit prepares and sends Application Packages; the document that - for many state and local initiatives - must be formally accepted by their local agency or governing body, before spending and operations are authorized.

Disbursements, Reconciliations and Reprogramming

Throughout the year; the Finance Unit receives and processes disbursement requests. These requests, submitted routinely by all HIDTA Participating Agencies, are reconciled by the Center against the budget originally approved by ONDCP. They are also checked for required local approvals, to ensure that HIDTA priorities are not altered through budgetary processes.

The Unit provides a level of quality control, assuring you that the transmission of checks or wire transfers for needed operational resources is not delayed by subsequent administrative reviews and rejections. It also assures HIDTA directors that the relationship between HIDTAs and their participating agencies can be focused on operational commitments, rather than on funding emergencies during the budget year by ensuring that expenditures conform with original budgets, that appropriate approvals have been obtained for the reprogramming of funds, and by making corrections that guarantee compliance with appropriate financial guidelines.