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Financial Management of HIDTA Funds represents a collective knowledge of HIDTA program policy, guidelines, and practices. The challenge of this course is allowing that each HIDTA must also follow the local policies set by each HIDTA Director and Executive Board. Students actively participate in exercises to reinforce concepts discussed. Completing a case study as part of a team with other students provides real world experience and the collaboration with others whose responsibility may differ from yours maximizes your experience and understanding. Prepare for an internal audit by listing documents you may want to have on hand. Examine and review budget input for comparison and best practices.

Before you leave the class, create your own list of things to do when you return to your office, using the provided handouts and reference materials. Sharing experiences and knowledge with fellow students is yet another valuable tool you will walk away with, as important as knowing how to classify expenditures, organizing disbursement requests, reprogramming and knowing the requirements for recordkeeping and reporting HIDTA awards. Solutions are analyzed to see how they apply to the uniqueness of each HIDTA and you will leave the class with many resources to assist you in your job responsibilities.

Past attendees have found the discussions and networking with colleagues from other HIDTAs to be invaluable.

Financial Management System training is intended for users who are performing HIDTA financial management tasks such as preparing and reviewing budgets, submitting requests for reimbursements and advances, and monitoring budget balances of HIDTA grants.

The FMS course continues to evolve as the user community makes suggestions for improvement. Sitting in front of a laptop and working with the software, this class provides real time, hands-on training. Attendees will navigate through budget reports, view and post documents to the desktop and record disbursement requests in FMS.

Using data from the fictitious 'Canadian Border' HIDTA, students will key in budget data, retrieve their data and learn how to locate and print necessary reports. Reprogramming requests and journal entries are also completed to provide an overall knowledge of how the FMS system works for you.

The FMS course does not explain the fundaments of HIDTA financial management so attendees should be familiar with HIDTA management and the HIDTA fiscal cycle. It is suggested that attendees first attend a Financial Management of HIDTA Funds course or have equivalent work experience.

HIDTA Management training was developed by the National HIDTA Assistance Center with the contribution of subject matter experts relative to ONDCP Policies and the HIDTA Program.

This course will engage you with discussions, scenarios, and issues that HIDTA directors, deputy directors, and other senior level management staff may encounter during the day-to-day running of a HIDTA, as well as with the Executive Board and other important local and federal agency heads.

You will discuss and share unique techniques that promote cooperation and coordination among HIDTA participants and receive a very useful supplemental HIDTA Program Policy and Budget Guidance cd, containing policy and financial regulation documents in a single electronic file that allows users to search documents simultaneously.

At the end of this course, you will have acquired an overall knowledge of these important topics: overview of the HIDTA Program and Office of National Drug Policy, the Executive Board and it function, fiscal management, managing the intelligence center and annual reporting requirements.

Approval by HIDTA Directors is required for attendance.

WebPMP training involves hands-on interaction with a training system designed to capture and consolidate the performance of each HIDTA and its initiatives. Designed by the Washington/Baltimore HIDTA, the WebPMP software is divided into sections addressing the structure, mission, activities and accomplishments of the Enforcement, Intelligence, Support and Management and Coordination initiatives.

During the training, participants will be guided through the intricate web pages which compose the program and are instructed and will practice entering data, consolidating data into reports and migrating the statistics into the various performance documents required by HIDTA Program Policy.

This course is geared to HIDTA participants who will be responsible for entering performance data for the HIDTA initiatives, personnel responsible for updating the progress of each initiative towards established goals, and HIDTA personnel responsible for running reports and migrating data into the required HIDTA Program Policy documents.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to input, maintain and retrieve, data used in the HIDTA budgeting, performance and reporting process.

Approval by HIDTA Directors is required for attendance.