HIDTA Survey System - Comments/Feedback

The National HIDTA Assistance Center’s Daniel Liang has been providing onsite HIDTA Survey System training throughout the HIDTA community. “Everyone  I’ve trained seems happy with the Survey System’s capabilities,” said Liang 

Nevada HIDTA Director Keith Carter had this to say, “Nevada HIDTA has found the NHAC Survey system to be a very valuable tool for our HIDTA. The versatility of this tool gives any HIDTA the ability to extrapolate information from a wide variety of individuals involved with HIDTA’s mission and for us to ensure we are focused in the right direction.”

Director Carter continued, “We are now able to reach out to a considerably greater number and wider group of not only law enforcement, but other groups such as prosecutors, family services, community coalitions and other interested HIDTA partners with a tool that only takes a few minutes of someone’s time to complete. This has been important for our on-going threat assessments, evaluating intelligence and other informational needs of continued service to our agencies and the communities we serve. We plan to expand our use of this tool by having our analysts, training coordinator and a future prevention coordinator attend the training. We absolutely appreciate NHAC’s continued support.”

Here are other comments from Survey System users who have recently received training:

Gloria Lopez, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, CVCA HIDTA: “It's easy to use and I love that I can set up automatic reminders for people who haven't responded to surveys.”
Jo Ray, Watch Center Manager, NW HIDTA: “The system is user friendly and will simplify our HIDTA survey process. The training was good for questions that come up, guidance about the system and saving analyst time learning a new program.”

Myra Novak, ISC Co-Manager, CFL HIDTA: “Online surveys are easier to manage than paper surveys.”

Tammy Wolnik, Training Coordinator, CFL HIDTA: “The Survey System is a great application, and allows you to produce a survey for anything and anyone!”