National Emerging Threats Initiative (NETI)

The National Emerging Threats Initiative (NETI) is a poly-drug national trends, intelligence and best practices sharing initiative designated to coordinate HIDTA emerging drug threat strategies in affected HIDTA areas and the United States. The initiative focuses on systemic approaches to addressing the illegal drug supply including the diverted use of legal drugs along with the collateral issues of each.

In 2014, the NMPI came under the financial umbrella of the National HIDTA Assistance Center (NHAC) to better align with its national mission.  A name change to National Emerging Threats Initiative (NETI) was proposed and adopted in 2015 to express the ever changing behavior of the illegal drug trade and to target new drug trends.

The HDC has taken a good program and allowed it to morph into a great program enabling NETI to be proactive rather than reactive, thus providing a sensible solution with realistic expectations. This initiative, along with the HIDTA program as a whole will benefit from the strategic thinking process for years to come. “Our key to success is to ensure our strategy is a living document,” says NETI’s David Hamby.