National HIDTA Assistance Center

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program

The vendors posted on this site have been interviewed by the National HIDTA Assistance Center (NHAC) in order to present their products and services to the HIDTA program. The NHAC bestows no preference or recommendation for these vendors’ products and/or services, but simply posts this information as a courtesy to the HIDTA program.

Vendor List

FirstTwo: Smart, Safe Officers Build Strong, Safe Communities

"There are massive amounts of data everywhere within and outside the agency. Open Source, Public Records, CJ IS, CAD, RMS, Social Media, etc. Most of it is text based, limited to the office computer, limited to a few users, and hard to find the key intel when in response. Visual Intelligence for public safety changes all of that. We thought of what Yelp did with the Yellow Pages and geo-coding businesses on a map. Why not take all of this public safety intelligence and do the same. Simply, visual content is 60,000x faster to understand than text. Imagine now any officer on a mobile device can visualize key information when in location almost instantly." (More)

DataWalk: Int elligence-Led Policing

There are several distinct advantages DataWalk delivers from an LEA perspective because it is new and designed to enable analysts to access content using easy and more intuitive interfaces. It helps discover hidden patterns, trends, and anomalistic behaviors using ?easy-buttons? and alerts to stay one step ahead of criminal activity. DataWalk comes as a complete package without the need to buy separate modules and integration services to access functionality; out-of-thebox, it provides everything needed under one, well-integrated platform. (More)

GeoTime: Call Record and Mobile Forensics Analysis Tool

One of NHAC’s ongoing responsibilities is to meet with vendors and inform the HIDTA community about products and services that will further HIDTA’s program goals. The NHAC is often able to make the case for optimal pricing and volume discount based on economies of scale. Recently, the NHAC spoke with representatives from GeoTime. (More)