2022 Performance Management Process Certification Examination

Please answer the questions below regarding the Performance Management Process Certification material. Certification is based on receiving a score of 90% on this examination. Many of the questions have multiple answers and include 'Select all' as part of the question. There are a total of 100 answers. Your examination will be scored and your score returned to you in an email; you may take the examination until you achieve a score of 90%. When you receive a score of 90%, you will receive a certificate and an email will be sent to your Director indicating your certification status. Thank you and good luck.

1. Please provide your name, HIDTA name, and email address where we may send your exam results.
2. Select the HIDTA Program goals from the following. Select all that apply.

3. Section 10 of the HIDTA Program Policy and Budget Guidelines (2021) contains information regarding the Performance Management Process.

4. PMP is the process created by OMB to measure the performance of individual initiatives within each HIDTA.

5. PMP is based on three guiding principles. Select all statements that apply.

6. PMP allows HIDTAs

7. Performance expectations are set well in advance of the performance period. Which of the following methods should be used in setting performance expectations?

8. Performance expectations for the current performance period may be revised due to the following. Select all that apply.

9. Performance expectations for the current performance period must be finalized by March 31 and the PMP database will be locked to current year expected performance levels on April 1st.

10. ONDCP requires all actual outputs data be reported in WebPMP by the end of February of the year following the end of the reporting year.

11. The 12 Core Tables and the Threat Specific Tables depict the individual HIDTA’s efficiency, effectiveness and workload for the performance period.

12. Variances above or below what percent requires the reporting HIDTA to provide an explanation for the variance in its Management and Coordination Initiative IDBP.

13. The annual budget request submitted to ONDCP includes the following components:

14. The HIDTA program reporting year is the same as

15. Threat-specific measures address expected and actual outputs and outcomes for activities not common among HIDTAs.

16. If a HIDTA does not report a DTO/MLO during the year it was identified and the DTO/MLO is under investigation during the current program year, the HIDTA should... Select all statements that apply.

17. If a HIDTA does not report a drug seizure in the reporting year in which it was seized and the database has been locked for that year, the HIDTA should:

18. Who can provide you the 4a Budget Report and what system does it come from?

19. Which document in the annual budget request identifies, describes and predicts changes in threats posed by organizations, drug trafficking trends, patterns, gaps, source considerations and forecasts?

20. Which document is no longer required to be submitted to ONDCP as part of the annual budget request?

21. Which document below reflects realistic annual funding needs for each Initiative, specific quantitative outputs, and sufficient descriptive detail for ONDCP to assess whether proposed initiatives will achieve the performance expectations proposed?

22. The HIDTA PMP Coordinator is responsible for pushing administrative and initiative level data at the beginning of each program year.

23. To reduce the number of identified organizations in WebPMP, organizations that do not appear to be actively under investigation will be closed in year 5 of inactivity.

24. Select the statement that defines a DTO for PMP purposes.

25. Select the statement that best defines an MLO for PMP purposes

26. An organization must be labeled a DTO or MLO in Web PMP even if the organization meets both DTO and MLO definitions. Classify the organization by its primary function.

27. A cell of a larger DTO should be considered a separate DTO if the leadership in the larger DTO controls the activity of the other cell.

28. When should a cell of a larger DTO be considered a separate DTO?

29. Select the statements that best define a Criminal Operation for PMP purposes. Select all that apply.

30. When evaluating the DTO/MLO to include it into WebPMP, the case agent or initiative supervisor should do which of the following. Select all that apply.

31. The chain of command within a DTO:

32. In WebPMP, which roles must be selected to demonstrate a chain of command has been identified within the DTO? Select all that apply.

33. DTO members may include which of the following? Select all that apply.

34. Select the statements below that best describe DTO and MLO characteristics. Select all that apply.

35. Within one case containing one MLO and two DTOs, each will have an independent disposition such as, one DTO may be dismantled, the other DTO may be disrupted and the MLO may be fully functional.

36. Select the statement below that best defines when an organization is disrupted.

37. Select the statement below that best defines when an organization is dismantled.

38. It is a judgment call on the part of the case agent or initiative supervisor whether the loss of several significant loads of drugs, the arrest of multiple members of the DTO or MLO, or the cessation of DTO or MLO activity should be indicators of a disruption or dismantlement.

39. Operational scope is determined by two factors. Select the factors below. Select all that apply.

40. Select the characteristic that applies to the scope of a local organization.

41. Beginning with the 2021 annual budget request, where will the HIDTA explain variances between performance expectations and actual performance?

42. A case refers to an agency's administrative process to collate and track an investigation.

43. Do not enter a drug seizure associated with a CO in WebPMP.

44. Select all the statements below that are true about a case.

45. A case is closed for HIDTA purposes whan all HIDTA investigative action has ceased or when the single DTO in a case has been dismantled.

46. Select all the statements below that are true about reporting seizures in WebPMP.

47. When entering a DTO or MLO disruption or dismantlement in WebPMP, the notes field must be filled out with the reason the disposition was entered.

48. Please select all that apply when reporting methamphetamine laboratories in WebPMP.

49. Production and conversion labs are required measures in WebPMP and all HIDTAs are required to report seizures of these labs.

50. Drug prices for HIDTA seizures of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine are set using wholesale prices established by a third party with a credible methodology for setting these prices.

51. HIDTAs are required to enter drug prices for all drugs identified in the HIDTA's Threat Assessment.

52. To calculate the HIDTA Program level ROI, the national average wholesale value per kilogram for which of the following drugs is used?

53. The HIDTA PMP Coordinator must implement a process to project, track and report anlaytical case support.

54. Please select all statements that are true about analytical case support.

55. Please select all the statements below that are true about the case agent satisfaction survey.

56. Please select all the statements below that are true about strategic product surveys.

57. Please select all the statements below that are true about event deconflictions.

58. Please select all the statements below that are true about target/investigative data matches.

59. Select all the items below that meet the PMP definition for training.

60. Please select all the statements below that are true about other outputs reported in WebPMP.

61. A participating agency must be located within the HIDTA designated region.

62. Initiative names must originate in FMS so there can be no mismatched initiative names.

63. Case support supplied by an agency analyst assigned to a HIDTA enforcement initiative should be reported by the initiative to which the analyst is assigned.

64. The HIDTA PMP Coordinator must implement a review process of new DTO/MLOs and reported disruptions/dismantlements ensuring PMP definitions are applied uniformly.

65. When agencies or positions change throughout the program year, the initiative profile must be updated to remain current.