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National Marijuana Initiative

Vision Statement

The National Marijuana Initiative advances factual knowledge on marijuana and the im-pacts of its legalization.

Mission Statement

The National Marijuana Initiative strives to dispel misconceptions about marijuana and raise awareness of issues surrounding the drug, so that citizens and policymakers can make well-informed choices regarding marijuana use and regulations.


At its core, the NMI exists to support the 32 HIDTAs as they work to carry out the National Drug Control Strategy. The NMI does this by providing information to law enforcement, policymakers, drug abuse prevention coalitions, and other community groups concerning marijuana and the impacts of changing policies on marijuana. Ultimately, the NMI works to assist people in making informed choices about marijuana by providing them with valid information.

In order to advance the goals stated above, the National Marijuana Initiative's plans for 2020 include:

  • Giving educational presentations on a variety of marijuana-related topics to law enforcement groups, public forums, anti-drug coalitions, and legislators,
  • Providing additional subject matter expertise through the NMI's Speakers Bureau and by maintaining and enhancing the NMI website,
  • Creating a series of videos featuring interviews of subject matter experts, which detail commonly misunderstood or overlooked issues related to marijuana,
  • Sponsoring a study to assess the economic impacts of legalizing and medicalizing marijuana,
  • Surveying the individual HIDTAs to assess how to better serve them,
  • And providing training classes to teach HIDTA analysts how to track and report the impacts of marijuana legalization.

Visit the National Marijuana Initiative's website for more information.