National HIDTA Assistance Center

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program

Domestic Highway Enforcement

The Domestic Highway Enforcement program promotes public safety through 21st century criminal interdiction by facilitating information sharing to disrupt the flow of drugs moving domestically between borders and destination communities.

The Domestic Highway Enforcement program seeks to provide agencies with innovative, professional, multi-jurisdictional drug trafficking information sharing platforms while promoting nationwide networking. The Domestic Highway Enforcement program’s objective is to impact public safety through its law enforcement annual and regional meetings, corridor conference calls, and the use of information sharing technology.

DHE Program Description:
The DHE is a HIDTA program initiative providing a national platform for unprecedented collaboration among Federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement and has led to significant disruption of dangerous drugs, illicit proceeds, human trafficking, and other substantial crime taking place on and along U.S. transportation corridors. DHE leverages law enforcement information on drug trafficking to other smuggling modalities - air, maritime, rail, bus, and parcel and postal - along with traffic safety patrol resources to deny drug traffickers and other criminals the use of United States roads. The DHE program incorporates both regional and corridor transportation information models to encourage the gathering, reporting, analysis, and sharing of criminal intelligence and threats to public safety.