2015 National Marijuana Summit

In August, the National HIDTA Assistance Center’s National Marijuana Initiative Coordinator Ed Shemelya came together with more than 100 law enforcement and medical professionals from the United States and Canada in Denver, CO to discuss issues surrounding marijuana policies and enforcement at the 2015 National Marijuana Summit.  Topics included the effects of legalization (e.g., marijuana in schools, marijuana being used by probationers) and scientific evidence on the consequences of marijuana use (e.g., effects on mental health, increased rates of children ingesting it unintentionally). 

Mr. Shemelya had this to say about the conference: “The presenters at the conference exposed the myths that are being perpetuated by the pro-marijuana movement, by examining the real impact that legalization has had in Colorado.  We need to objectively examine the data and draw our conclusions based on what the science is telling us about marijuana and who is being adversely impacted by this movement.  The Rocky Mountain HIDTA has done a wonderful job in documenting these impacts and with the release of their latest The Legalization of Marijuana: The Impact series we continue to see the harmful consequences of our decision(s) to rush the medicalization and legalization of marijuana,” Shemelya said.