National HIDTA Assistance Center

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program



Management and Coordination:

Director - William Martin
-- voice: ext 7746; E-mail:

Executive Assistant - Jacqueline Serra
-- voice: ext 7750; E-mail:

Budget Coordinator - Patricia Phillips
-- voice: ext 7751; E-mail:

Training Unit:

Manager - Vikki Wells
-- voice: ext 7755; E-mail:

Training Coordinator - Phyllis Walter
-- voice: ext 7756, E-mail:

Training Coordinator - Gladys Sosa
-- voice: ext 7757; E-mail:

Event Coordinator - Paul O'Rourke
-- voice: ext 7759; E-mail:

Receptionist - Olga Horn
-- voice: ext 7600; E-mail:

Finance Unit:

Manager - Maximiliano Rojas
-- voice: ext 7749; E-mail:

Accountant - Rita M. Escobar
-- voice: ext 7752; E-mail:

Accountant - Isaida Ortiz
-- voice: ext 7745; E-mail:

Accountant - Lorraine Perez
-- voice: ext 7747; E-mail:

Accountant - Rosana Leopold
-- voice: ext 7748; E-mail:

Accountant - Carmen Latour
-- voice: ext 7744; E-mail:

Multimedia & Technology Support:

Manager - Kathy Doran
-- voice: ext 7743; E-mail:

Multimedia/Web Developer - Daniel Liang
-- voice: ext 7741; E-mail:

Computer Programmer - Hector Alfonso
-- voice: ext 7754; E-mail:





The Management and Coordination Initiative link the mission and policies of the National HIDTA Program office, the HIDTA Directors Advisory Committee and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. The Initiative provides mission critical customer services and compliance review through the efforts of the Training, Finance and Multimedia Units.


The mission of the NHAC Training Unit is to enhance knowledge, skills and performance in all HIDTAs through the timely delivery of HIDTA-relevant training.  This mission is accomplished by delivering training and educational opportunities to all HIDTAs, addressing ONDCP standards, HIDTA core policies, enhancing competencies in HIDTA systems and supporting unique regional needs.


The Finance Unit's mission is to provide guidance to ensure financial integrity to all HIDTA State and Local operations. To improve the knowledge and skills of financial transactions affecting state and local operations.


Multimedia & Technology Support produces state-of-art communication vehicles designed to enhance each HIDTA's responsibility to communicate with their constituents. Multimedia & Technology Support provides the following services:

  • Database Development: Application support and maintenance
  • Graphics: Logo design; brochures; posters; illustrations
  • Video: Promotional and educational video production and reproduction
  • CD-ROM: DVD and CD production for annual reports and computer-based training programs
  • Web Site Development: Both secure and non-secure HIDTA Web sites
  • Conference Support: Directional signage and conference identity badges and audio/video support